Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Contrary to popular belief, there is no secret code to ensure your website comes up at the top of search results and no fool-proof plan to driving traffic to your site. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something – literally. The only secret in effective and successful search engine optimization is that it takes a lot of careful, thoughtful, serious work. Why? Because it’s not just about a few keywords. And it’s not just about your website. It’s not even about your competition. So what is it about?

  Making the Most of Your Website

Every website has a thousand nooks, crannies, doo-hickies and whatchmacallits that can be tweaked to the betterment of your search engine reputation. They all have proper names of course -- meta data, alt text, inbound links, H-tags, so on and so forth, but don't let that scare you. We know where to find them and how to utilize them to their best advantage.

  Exercise Your Website's Options

Every Sounds Essential search engine optimization plan is customized based on the client’s needs, taking into account such variables as available in-house resources and budgetary restrictions. We can put together a single SEO package or bundle it together as part of a larger search engine marketing strategy that includes best optimization practices in keyword research and selection, meta tag development and implementation, and optimzed content creation and dissemination for:

  • web pages
  • social media pages
  • press releases
  • white papers & e-books
  • other promotional outlets

Client Testimonials

  • Between their exceptional level of service and versatility of skill, Sounds Essential is my first stop for anything from IT to creative... and they're my favorite partner, hands down.

    Leah G. Fallon, Owner
    Eleven Eleven Creative
  • Duncan is very honest and transparent, and the quality of work has been amazing!! He is also very good at explaining to a lay person such as my self what, how, and why of it all, which I learned a lot from. Would hire again in a heart beat.

    Charles Dwan
    Owner, Chef's Trading
  • Sounds Essential has been instrumental in helping modernize the Chamber’s IT infrastructure. They have been highly responsive and committed to finding solutions that work for us. Our office certainly runs more efficiently and effectively because of their help.

    Stephanie Edwards
    Exec. Dir., Cashiers Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Sounds Essential were very responsive, everything works and it saved me time and the headaches of navigating the process myself. I've been back to them since and again received stellar advice and service.

    Lisa Kulujian
    Sapphire, NC
  • Duncan has been an AWESOME example of professionalism and service. Despite the time differences, he has been very quick to respond to the requests and has been very thorough, giving his time through Skype/shared screen, to fully understand the project. Bridging the gap between a customer's requests and the technical specifications is not always an easy task, but he was patient, knowledgeable and very helpful indeed. I would recommend him very highly.

    Nik Bishop
    Bishop MacKenzie Int'l School
  • Sounds Essential has become one of the greatest assets to our business and I am very happy with the continued excellent service they have provided.

    Capt. Tim O'Brien
    Blue Ridge Public Safety

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